Spa Treatment: Cat Litter Facial Mask


Just before shutting down my social media for the evening to meditate with cocktails and lounge music, I received an odd message and photo from one of The Ladies. Lady Asya had on a spa treatment facial mask, and was smiling broadly while holding up her big, beautiful silver-gray cat. In the post, she proudly announced she was wearing a facial mask made from cat litter. It seemed like an odd bonding moment between her and kitty.

Personally, anything associated with the absorption of animal waste products would never make it on or near my face. Plus, capitalism and trade has progressed over past decades to bring us a lively array of spa products for convenient purchase online and at nearby grocery stores.

So what in the world would possess an adventurous spa maven to experiment with cat litter? Apparently, she liked it so much that she smeared it on her own face. And then posted it on Facebook. This was a very curious idea that had to be pondered with all the proper precautions. So I made myself a gin martini. Lemon twist.

Facial masks, along with other handsomely packaged skin treatments, are a multi-billion dollar a year moneymaker. However, many of these spa products contain skin irritants, such as alcohol. To get away from harsh chemicals, many have sought organic skin care lines with natural ingredients. Home remedies, with ingredients that could be found in one’s kitchen, also became widely popular. According to a recent article on, entitled “The Effects of Bentonite Clay on the Face”, bentonite clay, harvested from soil near Fort Benton, Wyoming, is one natural ingredient found in spa and store-bought facial masks. When mixed with water, the clay effectively absorbs pore-clogging oils and toxins from beneath the skin. Bentonite is also used for urine absorption in cat litter. Hence, the cat litter facial mask for women with oily skin.

The result? From what I’ve seen, and without having yet tried it myself, it seems to work quite well.


Lady Asya’s healthy, glowing skin

A couple of key points should be kept in mind when cat litter shopping for your beauty treatment endeavor. Check the bag’s ingredients, make sure it contains benzonite or sodium benzonite. Plus, I suggest you purchase separate bags of natural clay cat litter for yourself and your cat, with separate scoops.
Just sayin’.


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Gin Martini with Lemon Twist

3 ounces gin

1/2 ounce dry vermouth

1 long lemon zest

Combine gin and vermouth, and shake with ice for ten seconds.
Strain the gin and vermouth mixture into a chilled martini glass.
Add the lemon zest.


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