Spa Treatment: Bird Droppings Facial


Spa services at the Hotel Wailea in Maui include a well-kept Japanese beauty secret – facials made from the droppings of nightingales. Yes. Bird poo.

According to their spa page, this treatment was the discovery of Kabuki actors and Geishas. In their quest to repair skin damage caused by heavy stage makeup, these performance artists found that the enzymes in  nightingale droppings had significant cleansing and restorative properties. These included dissolving dirt, repairing skin, exfoliating, and bleaching.

But don’t reach for the Sunday comics birdcage lining just yet, ladies and gents. For one thing, that’s just nasty. Plus, these droppings do come in powdered form, with all the bacteria zapped dead with ultraviolet rays. Odor-free, the brown powder is mixed with water until paste-like, then applied to the face.

With a price tag of about $225, however, some of you may be tempted to explore a more organic experience. Cheers!


Cocktail of the moment: Saketini

6 parts gin

1 part sake

Fill a mixing glass with ice cubes. Pour gin and sake into glass. Stir and strain into a chilled martni glass.

(Recipe from Absolut Vodka website)

Sources: Hotel Wailea Maui Bird-Poo Facial


2 comments on “Spa Treatment: Bird Droppings Facial

  1. janegundogan says:

    No bird poo for me please lol


  2. Wow! Interesting! Thanks, this looks perfect to tell the students at college! 🙂
    Not like they’ll consider including it in the treatment menu though!


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