Happy Versus Happy Enough

Remembering Our Dreams

Nothing smoothes you out like slipping off your work day, and sliding into a sexy martini. First sip to test, the second to enjoy its perfection. With the third sip, you realize that all the worries of the day that seemed so important at the time, really don’t matter. Especially now. And certainly not in the grand scheme or big picture that is your life.

After that fourth sip, ah yes. The world starts to fall away, and all that is left is sheer bliss…and you. It is in this moment, when nothing and no one else exists, that you may ask yourself,
“Am I who I want to be?”
“Am I where I want to be?”

As children fearless of the future and of failure, we allowed ourselves the luxury of dreams. The fewer fears we had, the bigger our dreams were. Reach back, far far back, and remember those dreams, all of them. Even the outlandish and improbable ones you’ve had since then, plus the ones that gave you hope. And especially the ones that made you happy.

Hold on to those happy thoughts for just a little while, as you make yourself a fresh martini.

Happiness is a funny thing, isn’t it? Interesting how it’s so closely tied to our hopes and dreams. And yet, how often have we had to adjust those hopes and dreams down, as reality and adulthood set in? Did we find and embrace a different kind of happiness, or lower our expectations and told ourselves “Good enough”? What happened to us?

As the harshness and disappointments of life hit us repeatedly throughout the years, we had no choice but to shield and protect ourselves from those emotional blows. That meant closing off parts of our souls, guarding our vulnerabilities, slicing off pieces of our dreams to accommodate our new realities. We do this because we’d rather feel some happiness (maybe not a lot) and relief, than think about our disappointments and fears. It’s human.

But what we have forgotten is that in doing so, we have lost so much of ourselves. Take a sip and think: If I had nothing to fear, how would I live my life differently? Let your imagination run wild, let it overcome you and fill you as you remember what it was like to feel like a child unafraid of the future and of failure. Remember how powerful you felt, how happy and full of hope. Everything was possible; the world was waiting for you. And you will have your moment.

To you ladies and gents out there who have touched the stars, I salute you. To those who still reach for them, I raise my glass to you. Your minds and your lives are infinite with possibilities. To find your way again, you must reach beyond the cocoon of comfort and safety you have created to protect yourselves from your fears.

Stretch, reach and remember your greatness. Remember your victories, when you felt you could, even when you thought you couldn’t, and amazed yourself beyond your expectations when you did. You may not have “gotten there”. But that only means you are still on your way.

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Peach Martini

2 oz Ciroc peach vodka
1 tsp Simple syrup (more if you like it sweeter)

Shake Ciroc peach vodka and simple syrup with ice. Serve neat in a Martini glass. Sip slowly and luxuriously.


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