Urban Sanctuary: Troubled In Paradise

Urban Sanctuaries: Troubled In Paradise

You’re never far from sanctuary, in one form or another, when you’re on a tropical island. Honolulu’s soft, white-sand beaches are just minutes away from immersive culture, high fashion, and, of course, you may have heard about the luaus.

Wandering along Waikiki’s beachside, with its stylish boutiques and upscale hotels, one gets a bit thirsty for cocktails and an ocean view. So I wandered into the bar of a gorgeous hotel known for its rich history. The service was friendly and impeccable. You would think this harmonious blend of genteel and tropical would soon culminate in a perfect moment, with the arrival of my cocktail as a finishing touch.

You would. But then you would be wrong.

The cocktail was a liquid blush of tropical loveliness topped with bright flowers, umbrella and fruit.

And then I tasted it.

It wasn’t the expected bliss that came next; it was righteous anger. The thought of paying $$$ for colorful sugar water was infuriating! Well, actually, I was scowling quite deeply on the inside, but frowning gives you wrinkles. Therefore, my righteous anger was effectively expressed with pursed lips.

There was perhaps half an ounce of actual alcohol in this cocktail, if even that!

This…abomination…made a mockery of a delicate art. Heavens! It just makes a girl want to march over to one of those liquor-stocked ABC Stores on every block, come back with a bottle of hard liquid goodness and pour it into my cocktail in front of the bartender!

Upon further investigation, it turns out a number of bars along Waikiki’s beachside participate in this despicable practice. The hotel and bar I visited shall be unnamed, as I do not recommend them. As for the rest, you deceivers know who you are!

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One comment on “Urban Sanctuary: Troubled In Paradise

  1. Great posts! I had fun camping out in your blog. I’ll be back! 🙂


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