Coming Soon: Urban Sanctuaries

Coming Soon: Urban Sanctuaries

Furloughs and unemployment and the debt crisis, oh my!

Life can drive us crazy with worry, if we let it. The constant bombardment of major news coverage and dire financial podcasts hurled at us repeatedly can drive home a deep nervousness that runs through all facets of our lives. And make us lose beauty sleep, no less!

A girl needs to get a grip on her own reality, and realize that she shouldn’t worry herself sick about things she can’t change, or has no control over.

An arsenal with the most defiant shades of red lipstick and fiercest of Louboutins may help her maneuver through shark-infested corporate waters, but they probably won’t improve the economy. And after a full day of conquering the world, sometimes a girl needs to find an oasis of calm in all this chaos.

Wrapping one’s self in a bubble of tranquility, even for a little while, is good for the soul and the psyche.

Therefore…coming soon, ladies (and gents), in addition to our usual ‘tini topics about life, men, women, spa treatments and Martinis (of course!): Urban Sanctuaries!


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