Chocolate Martini Memory

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It was a cold winter evening, and instead of dropping by one of the bars I usually visited after work, I decided to try a new bistro a couple of blocks away. It was small, mellow and dark with brick walls and red curtains. “House” music played softly as I looked for a table, aided by candles, which provided the only lighting in the room.

The bartender came over to my table. She was a girl about my age, with a smile that gave a soft radiance to her dark Mediterranean beauty. I took her up on her invitation to sit at the bar. Because this was my first visit, she would make for me her version of the chocolate martini.

She drizzled chocolate syrup in zigzags at the bottom and insides of a martini glass. Godiva chocolate liqeur, a very smooth grain vodka and half-and-half were shaken with ice and poured neatly over the chocolate zigzags. And finally, a dollop of whipped cream topped with fresh chocolate shavings.

And that was by far the best chocolate martini I have ever had. I have tried re-creating it at home. But of course, something was missing. I later realized the martini I experienced that night wasn’t just the ingredients and beverage itself, but all the patchwork of that evening – from the moment I walked into that candlelit bistro, to the bartender’s smiles as she created and handed me her masterpiece, and the light-hearted conversations with her and other martini sippers seated beside me.

Perfection can be found in a martini, and in a shared moment. Both can bring camaraderie between strangers, intimacy between friends, and a warm memory to a cold winter night.

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For more stories, visit The Ladies Chillout Lounge website.


Chocolate Martini

1/4 cup Godiva chocolate liqueur

1/2 cup (or more, if you prefer) smooth vodka, grain not potato

Chocolate syrup

1/4 cup half-and-half

Whipped cream

Chocolate shavings

Shake Godiva chocolate liqueur, vodka and half-and-half with ice in a cocktail shaker. Quickly drizzle chocolate syrup in a zigzag pattern onto the insides of a martini glass. Pour the shaker contents into the glass. Add whipped cream on top, and sprinkle chocolate shavings on the whipped cream.


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